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General Cooking Tips

Prevent Oil Foaming

While make any deep fried dish, if the hot oil starts foaming and rises in the pan, add a small piece of tamarind to the oil. This will prevent foaming and spill over.

Thickening Soup

To thicken any gravy or soup add corn flour to it. It is an excellent thickening agent. Remember to mix it in good water before adding to avoid lumps.

To Remove Fats From Chicken

To make a healthy chicken dish remove the skin from the chicken. This will remove the major fat content on the chicken.

Keeping Apples Fresh

To keep apples from turning brown, add little citrus juice like the juice of a lemon or orange and toss apples in it.

Round Dishes

It is better to use round dishes in the microwave oven rather than square or rectangular dishes as round dishes spread heat faster.


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